The mining locations belonging to the Company's subsidiaries, namely...

Mine Location & Licenses

The Company has mining permit on concession areas in South of Kalimantan,...

As a part of Company's Responsibility to community and the nation, Company implements Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Program (“CSR”) is the realization of Company’ strategic policy to mitigate any risk which will face...


Health, Safety & Environment

Occupational health and safety is one of the success factors of a mining company operational. Company is also aware that the operational activities run by Company have potential hazards and risks toward Occupational Health and Safety (K3). Hence, Company is committed to create a safe and healthy working place for all employees, work partners and visitors conducting visits, activities and working in every working area of Company.

Company is aware that in carrying out its business activities, particularly mining operations, occupational health and safety is the primary aspect. Company is always committed to achieve the standard of occupational K3 by minimizing risks of accidents in operational activities.

Company through its subsidiary KIM, has received a charter award as a company with zero accident and K3 Provision Compliance in Bungo District. Company has received award in achieving 10 million working hours without Lost Time Incident (LTI).

BIB received award on assessment of K3 and of Environment in the form of PRATAMA. PRATAMA award order that employees implement performances that are secure, safe and environmentally sound.

Environmental Control

Company is running its operational activities in full compliance  with the applicable environmental management standards. Person in charge for the environmental management is the Technical Head of Mining assisted by an environmental manager. Apart from that, Company also has a special offer that conducts daily environment monitoring, as well as rehabilitation and reclamation of the mined land and also conducts re-vegetation.

Company submits Environmental Management Report and Environmental Monitoring every quarter to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and the Ministry of Environment. The Government conducts monitoring and evaluation of environmental performance to Company, no less than two times in a year. Company makes plans on environmental management and environmental monitoring in accordance with Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) approval.

Routine monitoring conducted by Company to the environment conditions around the mining area, aims to minimize environmental damages that might occur. Environmental monitoring activities conducted, among others cover :

1. Testing the Quality of Waste Water and River Water

2. Testing Air and Land Quality

3. Regulation on other waste management

Company subsidiaries, has received a PROPER BLUE Certificate from the Ministry of Environment for the achievement and performance in the field of mining environmental management and monitoring of Company.