Corporate Social Responsibility Program (“CSR”) is the realization of Company’ strategic policy to mitigate any risk which will face by the Company in the future and build good relationship with stakeholders and community around mining location of Company.

CSR Program is the manifestation of the Company’ intention to share and develop the potential that exist in community through various CSR program by using sustainable development principle.

The Company commits to relentlessly support the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The support is intended to empower the surrounding community in order to generate sustainable economic development in the community, education, religion, environment and health infrastructure. The CSR program is also implemented by holding up donation to improve the community’s welfare and the environment through various activities to generate longterm values. The activities are, among others, employees development and direct involvement in the community; all of which shall ensure the continuity of the Company’s business growth in the future and mitigation of potential risks.

The Company stipulates strategic policy and objectives in line with the Company’s plans, namely:

  • Running a sustainable CSR program.
  • Maintaining and preserving the environment and improvement on the community’s welfare quality.
  • Implementing employees and ensure the health and safety of employees of the Company.
  • Developing a good relationship with the local communities at the Company’s operational area.
  • Empowering economic activities of the local communities to improve their well-being and independence.
  • To synergize the Company‘s CSR activities with community development projects initiated by the government.

Overall, Company has distributed funds of Rp41,515,107,109.00 for CSR program in 2018, grew significantly of 757.36% from 2017. Company routinely conducted evaluation to the implemented CSR program, in its commitment to continuously enhance concern to the community surrounding the working areas of the Company’s Subsidiaries. This is done for continuous mutuality development to maintain the Company’s welfare, stakeholders, and the surrounding community in line with the Company’s strategy.