The Company’s big commitment in implementing CSR to the community is realized through the development of social, education, and community relations. The main thing conducted is by absorbing local labor to work in the Company’s working areas.

The Company’s CSR policies related to Social Affairs and Community Development are as follows:
1. Empowerment of local community so that it becomes an independent society;
2. Improvement of social facilities and infrastructure to increase Human Development Index; and
3. Development of Map for Operational Process of donation provision.

Implementation of the Company’s CSR program is carried out in 5 basic programs described as follows.
1. Using Local Labor;
2. Empowering Local Community;
3. Improvement of Social Facilities and Infrastructure;
4. Donation; and
5. Policy and Procedure of Anti-Corruption.

The above mentioned programs had an impact to the improvement of the living standard and welfare of the community around the Company’s mining areas, and the creation of supports from the community surrounding the Company mining operations.

The entire implementation of social responsibility programs toward the social affairs and community development in 2018 has used CSR allocated cost of Rp25,715,217,306.