The mining locations belonging to the Company's subsidiaries, namely...

Mine Location & Licenses

The Company has mining permit on concession areas in South of Kalimantan,...

As a part of Company's Responsibility to community and the nation, Company implements Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Program (“CSR”) is the realization of Company’ strategic policy to mitigate any risk which will face...


General Meeting of Shareholders

Supervision of the Company shall be performed by the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) as the highest supervisory organ.

GMS has the authority that is not given to the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors within the limits prescribed in the Articles of Association and the applicable laws and regulations.

GMS according to its implementation is divided into Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS), held at least once a year and conducted at the latest 6 (six) months after the Company's fiscal year ended; and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), which implementation might be held beyond the time of the AGMS.

In the GMS, all the shareholders have equal rights to decide on important issues related to and based on business continuity. The authority of GMS, namely, is to pass resolutions on important issues related to the business and operations of Company such as the appointment and dismissal of member of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, the amount of remuneration for the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, announcement/approval on the distribution of dividends and profits, ratification of annual reports, appointment of external auditor, approval of changes to the Articles of Association, and also to grant authorization to the Board of Directors to follow up all resolutions endorsed by GMS.

Company guarantees to provide all information related to the Company to GMS, provided that it is not in conflict with the interests of Company and the laws and regulations.


2012 - EGM 12 January 2012


2012 - AGM 12 June 2012


2013 - AGM 3 May 2013


2014 - AGM 17 June 2014


2015 - AGM 19 June 2015


2015 - EGM 17 November 2015


2016 – AGMS 10 June 2016


2016 – EGMS 25 November 2016


2017 - AGMS and EGMS 29 May 2017


2017 - EGMS 4 September 2017


2018 - AGMS 3 May 2018