Company deals with various types of risk in the business sector and its business activities so that it requires a well-integrated risk control system to mitigate and to manage those risks. Company and its Subsidiaries have implemented Risk Management comprehensively from each level in the Company’s organization structure in order to reduce operational risks in achieving the business objectives.

Company ensures a comprehensive framework of the Company’s management which is an integral part of the process of Company’s strategic planning and business activities. Periodically, the management also conducts risk identifications and risk reviews, as well as prioritizing the handling of those risks.

Company conducts a through evaluation to all risk categories, which also includes implementing and monitoring anticipatory measures over potential risks which constitutes the foundation of a strict Company management process. Company assesses risk in an integrated manner, however for organizational’ purposes, Company distinguishes risks into several main risk categories that are critical to the Company, i.e. the aspects of strategic, market, political, operational and financial. Risk indicator parameters a reset for all risk categories which then shall be monitored systematically at each level of management. Bottom-up risk management approaches are expected to be able to keep the Company’s business continuity.