In 2023, the Company and Subsidiaries marketed and sold coal products to meet domestic and international market demand. The Company also succeeded in selling coal products to the majority of Asian countries, such as China, India, South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Furthermore, through 3 Subsidiaries, namely BIB, KIM Blok, and BSL, the Company allocated approximately 33% of the total coal production or around 15 million tons to meet domestic consumption. This is intended to comply with DMO-related provisions which require each company to sell a minimum of 25% of total coal production to domestic customers. Therefore, the Company remained committed to prioritizing supply for domestic coal demand, both for electricity and nonelectricity sectors.

Meanwhile, of the total 31 million tons of coal sales of the Company and its Subsidiaries which were allocated to international market, China took the largest sales market share of around 41%, followed by India of 18%, and others of 8%, among others, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Hongkong.