In March 2013 Company introduced violations reporting system or Whistleblowing System (WBS) which can accommodate reports on violations of the law and ethics that can improve compliance with the regulations and stimulate the growth and development of high ethics culture in the implementation of activities related to internal or third parties. This WBS is a part of internal control, particularly in order to reduce the risk of fraud and non-compliance with laws.

Company formulated WBS policy in March 18, 2013 in reference to the Guidance of Whistleblowing System of year 2008 issued by the National Committee of Governance Policy. The Company also has provided facility for submitting violations reports through the Company’s pages/website that can be accessed 24 hours for all parties with the purpose of creating better working environment. Any reports received will be processed in accordance with the guidelines of the Company WBS (download here). And everyone can ask a follow-up on that report.

Violations of the following forms can be reported:

  1. Corruption.
  2. Cheating and dishonesty
  3. Breaking the law.
  4. Violation of taxation provisions or other laws (environmental, mark-up, under invoice, labor, etc.).
  5. Company Ethics Code violations or violations of the norms of decency in general.
  6. Actions that endanger the safety and health, or endanger the security of the Company.
  7. Actions that may cause a loss either financial or non-financial to the Company.

How To Contact Us

  1. Download the Whistleblowing Form at the Company website.
  2. The whistleblowing report shall be furnished by supporting documents.
  3. The Company delivers a respond to any report submitted.
  4. Please deliver your Whistleblowing Form and official letter addressed to Whistleblowing Team with the following address :
    • Email :
    • Pos :
      Whistleblowing Team
      PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk
      Sinarmas Land Plaza Tower II Lantai 6
      Jl. MH Thamrin No. 51, Jakarta Pusat 10350,
    • Upload all the documents (Whistleblowing Form and official letter) through the form below.  We accept xls, xlsx, doc, docx, & pdf file only and under 2 MB.