Fraud and Abuse of PT Borneo Indobara’s Name

Related to recent updates regarding fraud in procurement of goods and services abusing PT Borneo Indobara’s name by irresponsible parties/individuals in the forms of letters, telephones, direct meetings or any other forms of social media, we strongly urge the general community and/or companies to be vigilant and careful of any efforts of fraud and abuse of the name of PT Borneo Indobara.

Whereas PT Borneo Indobara in conducting our procurement of goods and services process NEVER:

  1. cooperate with any other company and/or institution and/or agents and/or consultants; and
  2. ask reward in monetary value or in any other forms of rewards from candidates.

If you receive an invitation for a pre-qualification for prospective vendor, or a bidding quote request process, or a notification of winning a tender, or a cooperation agreement regarding procurement of goods and services on behalf of PT Borneo Indobara, please make sure to contact our Procurement Team through the following email: or

PT Borneo Indobara is not responsible for all risks and losses experienced by any party due to the aforementioned fraud and abuse.


Thank you for your concern.

Legal Division
PT Borneo Indobara